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Custom jewellery design and manufacturing is something that takes years of skill, special tools, expert knowledge and can involve several different processes. The great thing for you is that we have all this ready to be put to work for your own creation!

Custom jewellery is heirloom jewellery. It lasts in the jewel boxes of families for many years, as it is always highly personal to the person who commissioned it as well as being a reminder of unique family history.

Custom engagement rings are always popular but there are so many other types we can make and stories to tell by using metal, precious and semi-precious stones, engraving, and a lot of expertise.

When you sit down with us, we start the process by discovering exactly what you want. What is the piece to say to you, as well as others? We craft the piece with you and ensure all the elements you want are there. In essence, you design the piece with our help.

Once you discover the unique way custom jewellery is made, how it makes you feel and the story it can tell, beware, you may be hooked.

Below are some pieces we have made for our clients. What story can we help you tell?

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